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Tumbo-Tumbo and Raffle Draw


 Please this game is for 18+ users only

Tumbo  Tumbo is a "Hidden Colour Guessing Game" where the player is given the task to unveil specified number of hidden Blue Star(s) to win.

Accordingly, the player is expected to remove the Golden Squares in an attempt to find the Blue squares.

LOGIC 1. If a player reveals the BLUE STARS, the COMPUTER awards the player 50% of the ticket cost each time.

LOGIC 2. If a player reveals a RED SQUARE (wrong square) after revealing a blue square, the 100% value awarded will be reduced by 50%.

LOGIC 3. If the player reveals all the blue squares without revealing a wrong guess (red square), the player wins the prize in full.

LOGIC 4. If the player will like to reveal one more square to win 5 times more of the prize (Jackpot), the COMPUTER will present four squares with one of the squares holding a blue square and three red squares all hidden under the golden square. If the player's guess is correct, he/she wins the JACKPOT.

In order to entrench probity and accountability, the COMPUTER will display a GREEN BUTTON for the player to click to reveal hidden squares when the game ends to show the player that the information shared as regards to the number of hidden red and blue squares before the game started are accurate and to reassure the player that they were given a fair chance to win without manipulations.

Players can cash out as low as N2000. To cash out, click MENU then select "WINNINGS". Once you have selected WINNINGS, click on CASHOUT, then enter the amount you want to withdraw. The cash is remitted into your account instantly. Kindly note, you must update your PROFILE and add your bank account before you can transfer money from your WINNINGS to a bank Account.

Please note: You may be barred by PAYSTACK if you click on the cash out button severally. Your account may be automatically restricted if you update your bank info more than twice in 48 hours.

Ekojara is an online raffle auction system that requires players to buy ticket(s) in order to become qualified for a draw. 

1. Download app from our website, then sign-up and top-up your wallet.
2. Click on BIDS if you are playing from the APP  or click on DREAM BIDS if you are playing online to select a category of auction to bid.
3. Enter your ticket numbers (unique ticket identifier).
4. Submit.

When the raffle time closes, a winner will be selected by the auction randomiser system. No human interface beyond the click of a button.

When you win, we will contact you via your registered phone number on Ekojara Raffle Auction.
Cash prizes are paid into the bank account provided by the winner. Please note, we will never request for your BVN on Ekojara.com. Account information are only requested from cash winners after the raffle draw.

You are at liberty to enter as many bids as possible, however, kindly play responsibly. See guidiance for responsible bidding HERE.

Important Notice

Google does not permit real money Gaming Apps on Playstore. Accordingly, you can download the Andriod App by clicking on Android App below. It is easy and safe to download.



Winner(s) will emerge when the raffle game(s) closes. The system will award the auctioned item(s) or cash to the randomly selected winner(s) by the draw machine..

Published games are approved and regulated byLagos State Lotteries Board and prizes are verified by Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria (APCON). Click HERE to view licence and approval.


1. Download Android version from our website or download from Apple iOS Store. Participate online at App.Ekojara. 

2. Register with your Nigerian phone number.

3. Select a game type to play (Tumbo-Tumbo or Raffle Auction Game).

4. Tumbo-Tumbo: Find the hidden stars to win.
5. Raffle Auction: Bid by buying a ticket. To purchase a valid raffle ticket, you must enter your ticket numbers in the five boxes provided. Each box must contain two digits (00). Numbers to be played must be within 01-99.


What is Ekojara Raffle Auction
What is Ekojara Tumbo -Tumbo

View past winners and some of our activities since inception in 2018. CLICK HERE

If you are unable to complete your wallet top-up online, you can make direct bank deposit. CLICK HERE for transfer instructions.

Ekojara Raffle Auction is for 18+ and not for ages below. Kindly CLICK HERE to learn more about playing responsibly.

Koborise App Technologies Ltd (KATL) is licensed by Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) under the OTHER GAMES category to operate Ekojara Raffle Auction because our raffle auction system has an element of chance.
Other Games Licence No. 00392

We are equally registered members of Certifified Institute of Auctioneers Nigeria (CIAN).
Membership Number: 16305

We are licenced Auction Practitioners by Ministry of Industry and Commmerce Lagos State. Auction Licence No. LSG/MCIC/AUL/005


Regulated by LSLB - Other Games Licence No. 00392
Lagos State Auction Licence No. LSG/MCIC/AUL/005
Operated by KATL RC: 1428215
Bid Responsibly