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Ekojara is an online raffle system as well as a Consumer Sales Promotion (CSP) platform that is deliberately implemented to help Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) companies understand the consumption pattern of their products by their customers. 
Our system is designed to accept a predetermined amount of money entered by customers to qualify them to have a chance of winning an advertised item of value.
In order to purchase a valid ticket, the customer must enter or generate a unique ticket number (lucky numbers) into 5 boxes provided. When the time set for a bid expires, the randomiser automatically draws the game and one winner will emerge per game. 
The concept behind Ekojara is to use ethical gaming approach to deliver a win-win value to customers and FMCGs and service companies in Nigeria.

Accordingly, we support FMCGs with research services on the consumption pattern of their customers. Our system is designed to capture the participants location, sex and age brackets. Collation of consumer patterns can help companies target their market audience better.

Moreso, as an ethical raffle system, we provide other value-added services to our teeming customers; such as insurance covers for active users of our system. Effectively, we set aside 25% of their monthly spend on Ekojara to fund their insurance cover. The said percentage acts as savings for the customer which is cashable after the expiry of the insurance coverage period. 

Our Trademarks and unique raffle auction application is fully Copyrighted and registered with the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry, Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry Of Industry, Trade and Investment, Abuja.