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Ekojara is an equal bid online raffle auction system that is designed to accept predetermined amount entered by customers to qualify users to have a chance of winning an advertised item. Bidders enter their ticket numbers and submit within the odds of 0-99 into 5 unique boxes provided for the particular Dream-bid category.

This auction is designed to help you reach some of your aspirations in life such as winning some cash, owning a car, house or a high end mobile device. All you are required to do is pay the ticket amount stated on the game to stand a chance of winning. The ticket amount is usually maximum of 2% or less of the value of advertised item. For instance, if we publish a Cash Prize of N100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Naira Only), you will be required to play with N2000 (Hundred Naira Only); which is 2% of N100,000 (Hundred Thousand Naira Only).

This raffle auction can only be accessed via our website and Apple iOS Store. Web solution is available on app.ekojara

Simply bid by signing up on our website or download app from Ekojara Website and Apple iOS Store on your smartphone, top up your wallet or pay for your games with your debit card.  You can increase your chances of winning by bidding multiple times in a specific game you have selected before it ends. Every bid has a start and finish time.

Winners are determined using a random selection system that automatically draw a winner based on best practices that entrenches probity and accountability. 

The draws for each raffle auction are published on social media. Big games are streamed live on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). Currently we have activated live stream on Instagram for MEGA DRAW result announcement on Instagram.

Please note, each bid must produce a winner because the Tickets drawn are tickets entered by participants in a bid. There are no secret lucky numbers. The ticket numbers only act as a unique identifier for the multiple tickets purchased by players. Selection process is purely random. Only one winner can emerge from a bid. For instance if the draw machine selected a ticket with the following lucky numbers 09-01-15-87-12, the user who played the ticket will emerge the winner.

Please note that if you played exact numbers (09-01-15-87-12) but not arranged in the selected order by the DRAW machine, you are not the winner of that game. ONLY ONE WINNER MUST EMERGE  IN EVERY GAME.

Within 48 hours of winning, all won items must be claimed in Lagos state, Nigeria. Cash prizes are paid instantly into your bank account. Big prizes like automobile or cash may take up to 128 days to redeeem.

Anyone above 18+ can bid Ekojara. If you are below the ages of 18, you are not allowed by law to play Ekojara. Any winner below 18+ will not be eligible for the award of won items. 

If you are an international citizen, you must show evidence of residency, valid VISA and work permit for Nigeria.

You are at liberty to bid as many times as you can in order to increase your chances of winning in Ekojara online raffle game.

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