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  1. Download Android version from our website or download from Apple iOS Store. Our web version can be accessed from App.Ekojara
  2. Register with your Nigerian phone number.
  3. Select category to bid.
  4. Bid by entering your ticket numbers in the five boxes provided. Each box must contain two digits (00). Numbers to be played must be within 01-99. 
  5. A winner will emerge after the expiry of each game. The system will award an auctioned item or cash to one customer whose ticket is randomly selected by the draw machine.
  6. The ticket numbers only serve as a unique identifier for several entries by one and or multiple users in each game. For instance, if Bola Adedeji entered 15 chances in one published item for auction, and one of his tickets is selected, the system will quickly pull out the ticket, search for the user who played it and associate that ticket to the user's name and phone number.
  7. Please note: No two tickets are similar or arranged in the same order. The system will invalidate any attempt to enter two identical tickets twice in one game. 
  8. You can enter a valid bid by paying for your tickets through your funded Wallet. Your wallet must be funded in order to play a valid ticket. You can top up your Wallet through Bank Transfer or Direct Debit Card Transactions, *737*, Visa QR Code. However, entries for promotionally bids are usually set at zero Naira.
  9. We announce winners on our Instagram page @ekojara on the day a given game is set to end. The popular day for MEGA DRAW announcement is every Friday at 6:30 PM. 
  10. When a bid is won, all users will receive a push notification from the app and participants in that particular game will receive email alerts.
  11. Bid more to increase your chances of winning on Ekojara (Online Raffle Auction). 
  12. Winners are randomly and automatically selected by the randomiser system; designed to entrench best practices in deciding bid winners.
  13. No Human Interface - Human input is limited to a click of a button when a bid is set to draw manually (semi-auto). 


Please note, this is a trial game that with real prizes. Play free and win real prizes when the game is announced. 


Visual demo on how winners are selected through a transparent draw system #onewinnerpergame