Tumbo Tumbo

Pick 'n' Win



How it works

Register with your Nigerian 11 digits Phone Number. Press any container button to enter TUMBO TUMBO chance between 1-16. The system will announce the result to you instantly. 

If you guess the lucky number correctly, the system will award you the LUCKY PRIZE which is redeemable instantly.

Please check the cost for each game segment above.

Paying to Play

When you click play, the system will open an online payment platform for you to make payment to top-up your e-wallet before playing.

Contact us if your bank is not listed for information on direct bank deposit and how to participate. 
Payment is secured by paystack.

How we pay

Upon picking the lucky number, the system will automatically ask you to request your prize.

Accordingly, you will share your Account Information in order for us to effect your payment and the system will assign a reference code to your won prize.

Please note, we will never request for BVN to complete your payout.


Please note that your activities on this game are closely monitored by the system, thus you are required to play by the rules.

In view of the foregoing, if the system detects malicious activities, it may bar you and block your ISP from our platform.